As required under the policies of the CRTC regarding contributions to Canadian programming by Broadcasting Distribution Undertakings (BDUs), the BDUs controlled by Cogeco Communications Inc. are directing a portion of their requisite funding contributions to a Certified Independent Production Fund (CIPF) – the COGECO Fund, to support the Canadian television industry.  In addition, Cogeco Inc. established a $5M endowment now valued at over $8M and the interest from this endowment is also used to support the activities of the Fund. 

Drama series, movies-of-the-week, and mini-series, written by Canadian writers and produced by independent Canadian producers are eligible for production financing or for development as digital web series.

To be eligible for production financing, an applicant must be a Canadian producer with a minimum of two years production experience and have produced at least one broadcast Canadian television program.  

Financial support is provided in the form of an equity investment for production, and as a recoupable advance for development. The Fund participates in recoupment and profits according to certain conditions set by contract.